About Us: Our Response

At Adaptogether we believe that it is not enough for the non-profit sector to drive solutions; supply chain participants must play a key role in implementing improvements at farm level.

By bringing farmers, brands, retailers and consumers together projects can deliver real targeted commercial and social impact, with a specific focus on the needs of the individual supply chain. We believe that successful interventions are only possible if the mission is YOUR mission, not someone else's. Success depends on focusing on YOUR specific supply chain needs rather than the needs defined by a particular set of third party standards. To that end, Adaptogether develops unique, customized solutions to sustainability challenges faced by your business - solutions that achieve long-term benefits for retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and producers, while building credibility and brand equity for those who champion them.

As brands and consumers continue to expect their products to meet certain environmental and social conditions, projects such as those developed by Adaptogether can help companies to highlight the sustainability of their products and the contribution they are making to the communities they source from.

By bringing commodities to life, supply chains can build sustainable supplies as well as add value to their brand through effective communication of the investments being made. We believe that by bringing your story to your customers the impact your company creates can be multiplied even further

Adaptogether brings supply chain partners and impact oriented investors together in projects that address ecosystem regeneration in farming. Regardless of the nature of the project we believe that the optimisation of our solutions requires recognition of the following:

Rethinking Return on Investment:
All of our projects have a clear focus on return on investment. Impact should be delivered at the farm level, but this cannot be the only goal if a project is to be viable. Companies, farmers and investors must realize a return on their investment. Adaptogether does not consider ROI to mean short-term financial gain. Although our goal is to ensure an acceptable financial return, we also focus on delivering other quantifiable benefits, such as yield increases, quality improvement, supply stability, reduction of risks to brands and price competitiveness.

Focus on Shared Value:
No solution will have true, long-term success if all parties involved in the supply chain do not share in the value achieved. The focus of all Adaptogether projects is to add value along the entire supply chain - for the farmer, improved social and agricultural practices and for the rest of the supply chain, improvements in quantity, quality, long-time supply security and brand equity.

Strong Communities Bring Real Returns:
Adaptogether specialises in working with small holder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. By assisting farmers to organize effectively – something that is often facilitated by certification - Adaptogether can help to ensure that projects implemented at the farm level bring long lasting results to the entire supply chain.