About Us: Today's Supply Chain Challenges

Increasingly companies are faced with supply security issues in their agricultural value chains. Local ecosystems are simply not capable of regenerating themselves given the increasing demands for agricultural production and the inappropriate farming methods that are often employed. Over-use of fertilizers, water depletion and soil erosion are just a few of the environmental issues that result from the current short-term approach to resolving supply challenges. Climate change and resulting extreme weather events place additional strain on farming systems, increasing the risk that farmers are unable to deliver the quality and quantity of products needed further up the supply chain.

At the same time, consumers have increasingly higher expectations about the environmental and the socio-economic impact of the products they purchase and the companies who sell them.

Can these apparently conflicting demands be reconciled? Adaptogether's resounding response is "Yes, they can." Can someone offer an economically viable solution to these challenges? Adaptogether's response is "Yes, we can".